Alan Burke

Alan Burke ALAN BURKE is the ex lead singer, guitarist & bodhran player from Irish band Afterhours, indeed he played with them for over 10 years. Alan is a well respected musician amongst his contemporaries. He has a unique voice which is full of power, sensitivity – as is his guitar playing. Alan has an almost inexhaustable repetoire of songs including traditional, Gaelic and contemporary numbers. Alan’s presence and delivery demand the attention of his audience.

Alan started his singing career fronting the Irish band Afterhours with whom he released three recordings,all of which were widely received and toured extensively throughout Europe, Canada and America. On the demise of that group Alan began a new venture with the release of his first solo CD “On the Other Hand” 1998. This was followed in 2000 by his second solo recording “Tip of the Tongue”. Both these recordings received high praise and his subsequent touring brought him everywhere from Bahrain to Belfast to Croatia to Cardiff…and on…..
His voice has been described as “Full of power, sensitivity and clarity”. His guitar playing, being influenced by his earlier incarnation as a session drummer/percussionist is characterised by strong driving rhythms alongside a more gentle and sympathetic approach to the quieter side of his repertoire.
In 2002 Alan was involved the making of a CD for the company BMG of library recordings alongside fellow traditional musicians, Cathal Hayden, Maurice Lennon, Jim McGrath, Gerry O’Donnell, James Blennerhasset and many others. 2004 brought two new recordings. ”The Eagles Whistle” with friend, uilleann piper Joe McHugh under the guise of the band “Airla”. This was followed by Alan’s production and co-recording of the CD “Ar Mhuin Na Muice” with Donegal singer, Bríd Ní Mhaoileoin .A collection of songs in the Irish language.
Alan’s inexhaustible repertoire of traditional, Gaelic, self-penned and contemporary song has kept him busy as a solo performer and collaborator with a wide variety of other musicians. His performance, presence and delivery demanding the attention of his audience

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