Marianne Green

Song from the North of Ireland

Marianne Green performs traditional Irish and new songs in English and Gaelic. The concert repertoire includes songs from her debut CD Dear Irish Boy as well as new songs and lively Irish dance tunes. Marianne Green’s band consists of Norwegian guitar and dobro player Magnus Wiik, Irish bodhrán player Martin O’Hare and Danish button accordion and harmonica player Sonnich Lydom.


Marianne Green’s Music
Caring for, and deeply respecting the treasure of Irish song, Marianne Green is especially attracted to the gems of the North of Ireland, particularly County Down and Belfast. For the realization of her debut album Dear Irish Boy Marianne has carefully researched the songs in old books and field recordings and found remarkable material, some rarely recorded by modern time singers. However it has been very important for Marianne Green to make new and personal interpretations of the songs and thus rendering them both contemporary and relevant. As well as working with Irish and Celtic traditional folk music, she composes her own songs, two of them are present in the album, which is co-produced by Andy Irvine, an icon in Irish music.

Marianne Green grew up in Denmark strongly influenced by a mixed cultural background with an Italian mother and a father half-Danish and half-English. This opened the door for embracing the Irish culture of music, with which she fell in love at a very early age. As a young teenager, Marianne Green rediscovered her father’s old vinyl albums and developed a strong passion for Irish folk/traditional music and dance. It marked the beginning of a musical journey that has resulted in the EP By Yonder Town and the debut album with Irish songs Dear Irish Boy in 2010. Marianne Green has performed in many countries including Finland, Tunisia, Ireland, Scotland, Austria, Italy and Denmark. She has also appeared on numerous television and radio programs including Blas Ceoil and Gerry Anderson on BBC and Gaelic speaking programs on Irish radio, RTE.

Marianne Green has studied music and dance since childhood and plays several musical instruments. Along with her singing career, she also works as a dancer and choreographer of Irish step dance. She is the Artistic Director of her dance group Green Steps as well as a registered Irish Dance Teacher with the organisation An Coimisiún le Rince Gaelacha, and co-founder of Dark Green School of Irish Dancing.

Band Line up
Marianne Green: Vocals, whistle. Magnus Wiik: Guitar, dobro. Martin O’Hare: Bodhran, bones. Sonnich Lydom: Button accordion, harmonicas.

Review Quotes
“(…) don’t be fooled by her charismatic charm for here is someone who knows how to convey lyrics with conviction (…)”.  – Pete Fyfe, Maverick.
“Marianne Green sings with a voice as gentle and delicate-sounding as Belleek porcelain. But delicate doesn’t mean fragile. Green’s lovely voice is a strong presence on her first full-length recording, Dear Irish Boy”. – Tom Knapp,
“(…) And yet it’s Marianne’s own singing that remains in firmest focus, lilting enchantingly above the constancy and strength of Andy’s distinctively deft, imaginative and entirely responsive playing. (…) she displays a telling maturity, seemingly effortless poise and total confidence of line (…). Her lyrical, intimate delivery is exceedingly beguiling, and is a good indication of the intuitive manner in which she relates to the song texts (…)”. David Kidman,

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